Bananna Quilt for YCC2106

Dear Anna,

We’re all rooting and praying for you to get well soon. We all miss you very much and think of you alot. CL just isn’t the same without you….not by a long shot.

For everything you’ve done for us here on CL we wanted to show our appreciation. So we all came together to make this “Bananna” quilt especially for you.

Lots of Love, From just about Everyone here on CL ❤

Anna_Sparkles Bats_Over_Anna Banana_Love Ycc2106banana_heart1 ANNA!! YCC2106_PJ
BANANA_LOVE_.. Special_Tea_for_Anna inner_workings poor_sick_banana Banana_Hugs a_whole_bunch..
love_for_banana perfume_cherry love_grows_4_banana FOR_ANNA_RC FOR_ANNA_RC SMILE_4_ANNA_RC
Please_Come_Back! Mod_Bananas Missing_Banana Take_your_Meds One_of_us_one_of_us Banana_Dance
Lots_of_Hugs Fancy_Tissue_Box Tissue_Box Chinese_Ghost_Story Chicken_Ramen Annas_Blanket
Bananna_Hallelujah Last_Chance_Bananna Hairy_Bananna Bananna_Thief what_kinda warm_sun_for_Anna
sunny_cure Banana_Bhaarfff!!! Bananna_Love We_Love_Banana!_RC Banana_Withdrawal banana_peepers
agile_banana Feel_Peachy_Soon im_going_bananas Better_Bananna gift_of_banana_love More_Banana_Dreamin
BanAnna_Boat Lovers_postcard On_holidays Anna_Appreciation For_Ycc_1 All_time_Fav~O~Rite
Happy_dragon_year sexy_mossa Anna_wakes_up!!! Anna_Protests BanANNA_Conscious Where_are_you
Feeling_Better Feel_Better_Banana Feel_Better_BanAnna! Wrap_up_Warm Wonderment Deamgirl
Get_Well_Soon_Anna! We_Love_You!!!_♥_♥_♥ R_i_p_eB_a_n_a_n_a Healing_Hearts_RC524 bananna_sealife Green_Earth
BanANNA-gram HAPPYSICK_BANANA! Keep_Calm_and_Banana dance_banAnna! b_a_n_A_n_n_a_! hugs_banAnna_!
Heavy_Medication another_tissue Put_out_an_APB! crocheted CL_in_confusion queen_of_templates
get_well_wishes sweet_banana_dreams dream_of_rainbow nummy_banana_donuts super_banana! Get_Well_Anna
Bananas_Dream_About Beach_Mosaic Pop_Bananna_RC O_d_e_T_o_A_n_n_a O_d_e_T_o_A_n_n_a Get_Well_Anna
Polaris you_are_missed waitin_4_bananas!!! Boogie_Down_Bananna Miss_U_Much ~♥~
Cheer_Your_Day Make_It_Better Get_Well_Flowers bananaleaf_mandala banana_sunrise une_banane
annanas Banana_Wow_Factor caterpillars❤bananas medicine_river Bubblegum_Bananas Going_Banana_wo_Anna
Q_u_i_l_t_2_1_0_6 BanAnnas_dance waiting_for_you BananaBewell!_:) YCC_healing_bouquet TheGardenThatWillBe
sailing_leaves_for_a magic_curtain_for_a skyset_for_anna incomplete fans_feathers_of_a curled_roses_for_a
Get_Well_Soon_Anna! Anna_behind_curtain banana_garden Get_Well_Soon! Bananna_Squared Bananas_Anonymous
AnnapraAloha_Anna Ginklo Bananna_MC Bananna_Bubbles Anna_Standing
Nighty_Night_Banana wheres_banAnna ANNAS_SKY_RC WARM_THOUGHTS_RC MAGIC_HOPE_RC Banana_Blues
*BanaNationwell_wishes_4_ycc all_the_stars_4YCC Banana_Daze Ycc_Strikes_Again!go_bananas
Take_Two_of_TheseBanana_Beauty Banana_BetsBanana_FufanaTV_Bananas_IIGet_Well_Anna
LOVE_FOR_ANNA Princess_BananaSuperBanAnna a_wishing-wellananasbanana_blox
take_your_time...*Banana_Split_:(banana_luv PinnochioGoesBananas Banana_Life-Support Anna_Musing_Heart
TV_Bananas_I Where_is_BanAnna!banana_bonanza вкуснятина Sick_Days Banana_Get_well_Song
L♥ve_for_Anna Magical◍Cough◍Drops Get_Well❂Anna hi_~♥chicken_soup_4_AnnaDisappearing_Trick
trending_upward Ycc2106 Get_Well_Soon_Anna! For_the_Banana Weekend_With_Bananas SMILE_4_ANNA_RC ANNAS_SKY_RC banAnnaberry_muffins cream_and_candy B.A.N.A.N.N.A.s_RC get_well_anna! blue_banAnna_RC Need_Our_Anna_Back banana_creme_pies anna_third_one Get_Well_Banana! Banana‿⁀Dolphin more_colors_for_anna banana_love so_close banannaboat_at_sea banana_sun_day O_d_e_T_o_A_n_n_a_Ⅰ O_d_e_T_o_A_n_n_a_Ⅱ
O_d_e_T_o_A_n_n_a_Ⅲ Choc_Mint_Banoffee This_is_a_call Sunshine_Vitamin_C Iced_banana Get_well_soon! Split Then_youre_alive so_blue_without_you Sleepy_Banana banana_dream banana_lady_dreams banana_smores Feeling_A_Bit_Green one_sick_banana ycc_get_well_wishes One_Sexy_BanAnna Pop_Bananna_RC YCC2106_Sweeter_than turn_back A_n_n_a banana_leaf GetWellBananaHead! getwellripped_anna!
Anna_Banana_RC2day❤ SendingGoodThoughts THE_LIGHT_WILL_SHINE Get_Well_Cards Peel_slowly_and_yccPeel_Better_Soon_RCBanana_Recovery_Plan*Banana_Split_:(A_n_n_a_s_1_L_PTap_dance_to_Annared_bananas_1LPThe_after_realmsGot_the_Banana_BluesGet well soon Anna! – From all of us at ColourLovers

20 thoughts on “Bananna Quilt for YCC2106

  1. Gasp! Gasp365 this is so impressive, beautiful and so full of the generous love and blessed intentions of so many wonderful lovers. Anna your gifts to all have been so all encompassing; I hope this love quilt brings you healing, comfort and joy.

  2. It looks just amazing!
    I wish I saw the topic where you gathered stuff for Anna earlier and added all the stuff I did for her. I really miss our Bananna and I’m pretty sure she will love this quilt <3.

  3. Hi Anna – I hope you are feeling better and we see you back at CL soon, things aren’t the same without you, you are sorely missed 😦

    … and thanks to Pink (Gasp365) for giving us this wonderful way to send our love and best wishes ♥

  4. ohhhhhhch, how wonderful – this is amazing! i feel like i’m floating in a wonderful dream…….

    Anna :
    i miss you. i hope you get well soon.
    your style always inspires me ( i want your colour sence! ). without a doubt, you are the greatest colour lover! hope to see lots of new works from you.

    Project initiator and co-ordinator – Gasp365
    Quilt created and coded by – eclipsed_by_night and Gasp365
    eclipsed_by_night and Gasp365…………..thank you very much for everything. i’m proud of you guys.

  5. Dear Anna,
    You are greatly missed by many around the world. You are our Star Banana, teacher and colourloving friend. Get well soon.

  6. wow wow wow!!! Well done, everyone – cheers especially go to Pink and eclipsed!
    Let’s hope this keeps Anna nice and cozy until she’s well.

  7. I am super happy about the quilt but the more time passes, the sadder I become because Anna isn’t with us. 😥 She was one of my first friends when I joined CL and she was done a great deal for me.
    It seems she has been sick for over a month now and I’m sincerely worried about her. It drives me nuts not knowing how she is doing. -_-

  8. This is lovely! Such a beautiful job done to put all these palettes and patterns together 🙂
    Anna, I hope you receive our sway of love and get better real soon, we miss you!

  9. I’m so happy to be a part of this. I really hope Anna is ok, and we are all concerned and would love to get her back on board here. Lots of love, dot.

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